I am a Social Researcher existing betwixt disciplines and countries. I occupy a somewhat liminal disciplinary space of an outsider intersecting Education, Sociology, and Social Geography. In geography (and politics) I exist in England, Portugal and India.

My work includes a range of ‘themes’ held together by an interest in what determines access, or lack of, to knowledge and resources, and the institutions and structures (formal, informal, other) where power negotiations take place.

Some of the broad questions I ask relate to:

Sociology of knowledge and (Higher) education: how ideas are transmitted formally and informally, and used to make sense of the world; -how associated skills are developed with the aim to negotiate our existence.

Social Geographies and spaces of ‘becoming’ and ‘being’:¬†What determines decision-making as people transition through various stages of life within the context they occupy?; what does occupying a certain geography mean to individuals and how does it formulate their senses of self, belonging, disbeloning and potential resistance.

The overall aim of my work is to engage with how peoples collectively mobilise to dismantle political and global elites, in micro ways, through cracks.

This blog, however, is personal as I make my way through a PhD and life in general.