Caffeine and Fungus


You can’t expect your day to go brilliantly if you find fungus growing on your coffee. Yes, it was my mistake. I just left it there.

Which brings me to think. If you take things for granted, why can’t you expect it to turn mouldy and allow itself to be fed off and just form a layer over it’s self to keep it from you?

Yet again, what if it has made various attempts to communicate and get your attention, only to be ignored or conveniently listened to? When you find the fungus then, it always seems to make sense to trash the whole thing and not just scrape the top off. I think I planned this little.

Constant reminders around me, like taunts, get me to realise that I should probably have sulked less. That when I thought of something, I should have acted upon it.

All I have now are misplaced thoughts. Just here and there. Joined together by stops. Punctuation.

“Okay”s and “Yeah”s

Good Morning to me. And Good Night too.

From me to my own self. Selfish. Always. 🙂



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