Today, an author on racism in Italy suggested “education” as an answer to combat the problem. I would contest such a suggestion. I know too many well-educated people who are racist and/or homophobic. I cannot understand how they even think that way. Perhaps my opinion doesn’t matter, but as in the argument by Caroline Criado-Perez against Naomi Wolf’s bashing statement, non-normative behaviour is always undermined, rejected, considered unimportant, but it doesn’t mean you stop.

You don’t let this illusion of continuity maintain itself.

You challenge it through protests. I would suggest militant.



Of the 24,923 cases of rape recorded by the NCRB in India in 2012, we’ve only had an issue with 1.
Considering all the talking Modi’s being doing, and the obsession The Hindu has with him (just visited the page and there are 5 pieces about him), the 33.6% incidence of crime against women in Gujarat isn’t something to be proud of, even though it’s less than twice of that in Delhi (almost 70%).
This is not inclusive of the 991 girls bought and sold to be prostituted nor the 2,563 trafficked (usually girls).
And these are only reported cases based on a binary understanding of sex.

We’re not bothered about crime against women unless it’s publicised. We have no clue about our oppressive economic system because all we care about is “the century belonging (in terms of economic development) to India” and our GDP rising. ( We don’t care about our environment. All we care about is some false sense of Nationalism. And therefore we vote.



Today, I learned a couple of things.

  • It’s ok to be scared – chances are, since it would be group-related, others are too
  • As explained by Žižek,

If we can imagine alien invasions and the apocalypse more realistically, but have trouble re-thinking the Economic crisis that contributes to oppression, we are allowing others to dictate how we dream. 

As it turns out, Atheist Christianity is a thing. A true Atheist, with complete grasp on the ideology, would have gone through Christianity.

  • Foxes do run around at night.