As it seems to run through your veins, even in its assumed coldness(the temperature about being rather low), it boils and warms you up. Or perhaps that is how you wish to feel, and that is exactly how you do feel. It makes you shiver, but you know it’s worth it. Those jittery moves, crazy eyes staring in excitement. Elysium. This is as close as we can get to those Gods we create. Between trembling lips, we allow more to flow. An outstretched arm must grab onto its share, or swat in the panic of not having the substance at the tips of its self. As cold fingers wring the last drop of concentrated divinity, a calm washes over. A sway now. I don’t need a hug. Just another measure more of happiness for me, and I’m done. For now.

This is me, my coffee-caffeinated self speaking. We are one.

We are free.