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We do not think of the impossible, focusing less on ‘reality’ than the ‘thinking few’. We areĀ idealist because we do not yet live our Utopias.

With the discussions around capitalism being inevitable and a better, more ‘possible’ condition than say, Anarchy, it is almost difficult for the utopian few to miss the signs of privilege. Of course a capitalist system would work and serve everyone – it is its intention to survive. It has been made human.

As Zizek suggests, happiness is an unethical category. When your utopias are achieved, they cease to be worth maintaining.


Unlike Professor Xavier’s mutants, the individual capacities that we possess to link together and contribute to an equal society is unrecognised. Our “ethnic differences”, presented as mutation-related hierarchies of capability through eugenics, do not enable us to behave in super-human ways. Indeed, there is no given difference save those that we construct. There are a few myths I have come across this year, and they all seem to linkup.

The myth of inequality (Dorling, 2010)

The myth of Barter (Graeber, 2012)

The myth of poverty (Escobar, 1995)