Conditioning(s) and our lack of negotiation

I spoke to my little brother a while ago and told him not to bother about getting into music because he cannot afford to, cause there’s no money there.
A similar proposition was offered to me when I suggested I look for jobs I like/am qualified for. “Don’t look for what you like; look for what you can get.”

How obscene is it that we exist within a system wherein we cannot do what we feel passionate about, instead resorting to years of mundane fulfillment of some other shithead’s desires to exploit yet more peoples?
How disgusting is it that sisters and other close persons have to destroy people’s want to express themselves in non(or less)-exploitable ways?
And how abhorrent is it that we watch still more oppressive situations and belittle our own anger towards an exploitative system, just because we aren’t in as bad a condition as others?

This is promiscuity of which we must be averse. A system which prances about, displaying every (actual) obscene aspect of itself. Yet we bow down to it, while we stigmatise the prostitute, the naked woman, the unclad being.

I need a job.


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