Footnotes on Globalisation: Movement

The current idea of globalisation is closely linked to and emerged from the industrial age. The difference lays in the power relations, the violence, through control over spatiotemporal dynamism. This period was a race; in order to get ahead, colonial powers then started to draw out populations from their ‘place’ for the purpose of cheap labour. We may observe this through the way in which migration was promoted during the 1800s in England. Migrants, therefore, appear in vast quantities through this process.

In current times, it is thus strange to observe powers suggest that the movement of people across borders is wrong and will be tackled. It is at this point that we realise its hypocritical nature. When attempts are made to navigate out of non-first world lands, movement is deemed undesired, even illegal. Immigrants become the problem. It is not solely the jobs that apparently will be taken, or the benefits that may be sought. It is the very fact that agency is being used, whether minuscule and run down to its bare essentials such as escaping from a previous land. This agency is what power fears. A challenge, it believes.

It is the nature of power to sustain itself. Be assured that it will do everything to stay this way.


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