Of the many concerns of local self-government/democratic decentralisation, people are subject to the problem of the dominant group’s dictates. Again, I wonder the extent to which we can use the idea of majorities as a validation for that which is correct. Indeed, there is a need to safeguard basic human rights of some peoples. this ought to include disadvantaging aspects. We must recognise that there are certain privileges in society. This is not to discount the fact that those who do gain from privilege are not intentionally bad; instead, we need to rectify the system’s faults. However, we need to look at conditions with some basis for acceptability. I would propose that Article 3 of the UDHR ought to be the first. A right to life must precede an arbitrary condition of “equality”. Of course, this does not imply that minorities such as elite people (which we know is around 10% of people) do not control situations.

This, to me, points to a need to contextualise this concept of ‘justice’. Or perhaps devise a new equation.

Ok, read this article.


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