Seeds of Life (in death?)

I’ve been thinking of proposing farming in graveyards. If we celebrate death, why not see it as a chance for those who have passed to contribute to the sustenance of life? Graveyards, I have come to notice, are rather large areas, sometimes with the gravespaces not being dug-up for long. Clearly the body has decayed and nourished the earth enough? Would it not be int the best interest of society – and I wished that was what religion stood for- to use this soil, this land, which we are short of in this capitalist day and age, of tall buildings and land claimed for corporate purposes, to create food to sustain the living?


Why not, otherwise, use spaces within churches to develop a collective feeling of ownership? Of course I would identify maintaining present tree cover for obvious reasons – their advantage to maintaining conducive climate settings, preventing soil degredation – all those basic school-level geography reasons. Yes, someone will steal the crop perhaps. But they only will if they are starving. If not, why not make it so accessible and user-friendly, that people are invited to help sustain the produce and take as they wish. If there is no conversation to develop our devotion to bettering life, how can we call ourselves human beings?

Why not, I wonder, use existing institutions in their crudest, most basic idea, to overthrow a more threatening system?


Voyeurs Everywhere

“Democracy does not come from a Messiah from above, nor a helicopter from a [western] Union.” – S’bu Zikode, 2013

It is made by the people, demanded and ensured. Unfortunately, that remains the case only in theory. Political bodies have assumed the role of dictators once again, but under the (legitimised) mask of Democracy, through an intricate, almost mind-bogglingly “invisible hand” (Smith, 1759) created web. Countries remain poor because it fits in with the global neo-liberal agenda to promote the idea of Free Markets. Fitting in well with this situation is the concept of Brand Aid. You are sold the idea of a set of starving, agency-lacking countries in what is called the “Global South”. You need to think for them, you need to buy those products so that they aren’t poor, you need to get on a plane, fly off to that impoverished country to experience poverty and do your part as a white privileged person to “ease that country’s suffering”. Of course through some rich-person-created NGO that will probably charge you to work for them claiming to be “voluntary”.

But who am I to talk save as one who discovered these problems after falling for them?

Wasting Bucks on Stars

Drowned by the frenzy and the multiple ridiculous claims about Starbucks’ entry to india being a “realised dream”, my in-mouth barf seems to be ignored. However, I’m just part of the privileged class who can afford to mouth-barf food. Of course we have it as a TATA initiative. A bunch of rich people who think it sensible to donate to Harvard.

But then again, what faith can I have in a  Democracy if a Communist setup thrives on Capitalism?



Read It. Now.

A researched work on the problem of patriarchy among middle class girls. I have a lot of problems with the terms and data collected in this book, but it’s pretty valid.

No, we aren’t as safe as you like to believe, idiots.

I don’t need your citizens (Indian men) controlling me because you have a warped idea of how people with vaginas (or people you assume to have vaginas) are supposed to behave.