Trodding along the seaside


“But how do we dance?”, they ask. “We are but mannequins on display, elaborating or possibly just hinting times told, perhaps of rot and decay”.

IMG_9448      IMG_9461

The view was vivid, the coffee strong. And with a song we hummed along the way down to the shore. The waters behaved.



IMG_9494      IMG_9499


IMG_9522      IMG_9544

And the breeze told a story of past times (perhaps it was assumed by the song we sung).


Entangled glamorous contraptions; perhaps not so.

IMG_9632      IMG_9592

But directed in segments,

IMG_9650      IMG_9681IMG_9662

onto strange paths.


Then, finally, to rest.






As it seems to run through your veins, even in its assumed coldness(the temperature about being rather low), it boils and warms you up. Or perhaps that is how you wish to feel, and that is exactly how you do feel. It makes you shiver, but you know it’s worth it. Those jittery moves, crazy eyes staring in excitement. Elysium. This is as close as we can get to those Gods we create. Between trembling lips, we allow more to flow. An outstretched arm must grab onto its share, or swat in the panic of not having the substance at the tips of its self. As cold fingers wring the last drop of concentrated divinity, a calm washes over. A sway now. I don’t need a hug. Just another measure more of happiness for me, and I’m done. For now.

This is me, my coffee-caffeinated self speaking. We are one.

We are free.

Wasting Bucks on Stars

Drowned by the frenzy and the multiple ridiculous claims about Starbucks’ entry to india being a “realised dream”, my in-mouth barf seems to be ignored. However, I’m just part of the privileged class who can afford to mouth-barf food. Of course we have it as a TATA initiative. A bunch of rich people who think it sensible to donate to Harvard.

But then again, what faith can I have in a  Democracy if a Communist setup thrives on Capitalism?



Read It. Now.

A researched work on the problem of patriarchy among middle class girls. I have a lot of problems with the terms and data collected in this book, but it’s pretty valid.

No, we aren’t as safe as you like to believe, idiots.

I don’t need your citizens (Indian men) controlling me because you have a warped idea of how people with vaginas (or people you assume to have vaginas) are supposed to behave.